Cichorium intybus Radicchio Group (Common names)

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Names in common use

  • English: radicchio, red-leaved chicory
  • German: Radicchio
  • Dutch: roodlof, radicchio rosso
  • Swedish: radicchiosallad
  • Danish:
  • Norwegian:
  • Icelandic:

  • French: chicorée italienne, chicorée rouge
  • Italian: radicchio
  • Spanish: radicchio
  • Catalan: radicchio
  • Portuguese: radicchio
  • Romanian:

  • Russian: радиккьо, радиччио, итальянский цикорий - radikkjo, radiččio, italjanskij cikorij
  • Polish:
  • Czech:
  • Slovak:
  • Bulgarian:
  • Croatian: radić
  • Serb:
  • Slovenian:
  • Macedonian:

  • Latvian:
  • Lithuanian:
  • Albanian:
  • Greek:
  • Turkish:
  • Maltese:
  • Hungarian: vörös cikória, radikkió
  • Finnish:
  • Estonian:

Sources and commentaries

Radicchio has a broader meaning in Italian, but has spread internationally as the denoting the Radicchio Group. It groups quite distinct types:

  • ‘Rosso di Treviso’ has long leaves with a broad white midrib and a red blade.
  • ‘Rosso di Chioggia’ has a round head with many white midribs and a red blade.
  • ‘Rosso di Verona’ is intermediate between the previous two cultivars.
  • ‘Variegato di Castelfranco’ has a loose head with yellow leaves spotted with red.
  • French
    • ‘Rosso di Chioggia’ is often confusingly sold as trévise in France.