Cichorium intybus Industrial Group (Common names)

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Names in common use

  • English: succory
  • German: Wurzelzichorie, Zichorienwurzel, Kaffeezichorie
  • Dutch: cichoreiwortel
  • Swedish:
  • Danish:
  • Norwegian:
  • Icelandic:

  • French: chicorée à café, chicorée à sucre
  • Italian: cicoria a radice
  • Spanish: achicoria de raiz
  • Catalan:
  • Portuguese: chicória do café
  • Romanian:

  • Russian:
  • Polish:
  • Czech:
  • Slovak:
  • Bulgarian:
  • Croatian:
  • Serb:
  • Slovenian:
  • Macedonian:

  • Latvian:
  • Lithuanian:
  • Albanian:
  • Greek:
  • Turkish:
  • Maltese:
  • Hungarian:
  • Finnish:
  • Estonian:

Sources and commentaries

Root chicory has first been used as a fodder crop. For two centuries, it has been grown in France, Belgium and the Netherlands as a coffee substitute. A new market is now inuline extraction for the food industry.