Voandzeia-Voyria (Sturtevant, 1919)

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Sturtevant, Notes on edible plants, 1919
Voandzeia-Voyria (Sturtevant, 1919)

Voandzeia subterranea Thou.

Leguminosae. GROUNDNUT.

African tropics; extensively cultivated from Bambarra and the coast of Guinea to Natal, its esculent pods and seeds forming a common article of food. In 1682, Father Merolla describes this species in the Congo under the name of incumbe, growing under ground. He says, "it is like a musquet-ball and very wholesome and well tasted." Montiero says it is sparingly cultivated at Cambambe and the surrounding district. The plant is commonly found now in Brazil and in Surinam.

Voyria rosea Aubl.


Guiana. The tuberous roots are baked and eaten in Guiana like potatoes. They are of a reddish color externally and white within.