Vigna unguiculata

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Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.

alt=Description of Vigna unguiculata Blanco2.286.png picture.
Blanco, Flora de Filipinas, 1880-1883
Order Fabales
Family Leguminosae - Papilionoideae
Genus Vigna

2n = 22

Origin : Africa

wild and cultivated

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Popular names

  • English: black-eyed pea, cowpea
  • French: niébé


Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp. (1842)

synonym: Vigna sinensis (L.) Hassk. (1844)

Unguiculata Group

black-eyed peas
  • synonyms:
    • Dolichos unguiculatus L. (1753)
    • D. sinensis L. (1754)
    • D. melanophthalmus DC.
    • V. unguiculata subsp. unguiculata
  • Popular names
    • English: cowpea ; blackeyed pea, southern pea, crowder pea
    • French: niébé ; haricot à l'œil noir, cornille, banette, voème
    • German: Kuherbse, Kundebohne ; Augenbohne
    • Spanish: judía careta, frijol de vaca, caupí
    • Portuguese: feijão frade, feijão fradinho
    • Italian: fagiolo dall'occhio nero
    • Arabic: lūbiya

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Biflora Group

  • synonyms:
    • Dolichos biflorus L. (1753)
    • Phaseolus cylindricus L. (1754)
    • D. catjang Burm. f. (1768)
    • V. unguiculata subsp. cylindrica (L.) Verdc. (1970)
  • Popular names
    • English: catjang, catjang bean
    • French: catjang
    • German: Catjangbohne
    • Spanish: poroto catjang

Sesquipedalis Group

young pods used as green beans
  • synonyms:
    • Dolichos sesquipedalis L. (1763)
    • V. sesquipedalis (L.) Fruhw. (1898)
    • V. unguiculata subsp. sesquipedalis L.) Verdc. (1970)
  • Popular names
    • English: asparagus bean, yard long bean, long bean
    • French: haricot-kilomètre, "haricot long", dolique asperge
    • German: Spargelbohne, Spargelfisole, Langbohne
    • Dutch: kouseband
    • Spanish: dólico espárrago, judía espárrago
    • Portuguese: feijão esparago, feijão gigante
    • Italian: fagiolo asparago
    • Chinese: dau gok (Cantonese)
  • Vietnamese: đậu đũa

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Textilis Group

synonym: V. sinensis var. textilis A. Chev.

  • Popular names
    • English:
    • French: niébé textile



Il mangia fagiuoli, of Annibale Carracci (1580-90), Galleria Colonna, Rome

This famous painting shows a dish of black-eye beans, which was the only bean (excepting broad bean) known in Europe before the arrival of Phaseolus vulgaris.