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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Hypericum uralum Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don

Protologue: Bot. Mag.: t. 2375 (1823).


  • Norysca urala (Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don) K. Koch (1853),
  • Hypericum patulum Thunb. var. uralum (Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don) Koehne (1893).


Nepal, northern India, Burma (Myanmar), China, Thailand and northern Sumatra.


No reports have been found of medicinal use in South-East Asia, but in Nepal the root juice is used against fever.


  • A shrub, 120-180 cm tall, branches arching, sometimes frondose.
  • Leaves lanceolate to ovate, 1-4.5 cm × 0.5-2.5 cm, lower side very glaucous, with 3 main lateral veins and pale glands, subsessile or petiolate.
  • Inflorescence corymbose, racemiform, 1-3(-10)-flowered.
  • Flowers 1.5-3 cm in diameter, sepals 3.5-9 mm × (1-)2-6.5 mm, free, glands pale, petals 9-18 mm × 5-12 mm, caducous, bright yellow to golden yellow, glands pale, stamens in 5 fascicles, each with 40-60 stamens, caducous, ovary 5-celled, placentas 5, axile, styles 5, free, stigmas narrowly capitate.
  • Fruit subglobose to globose, 7-11 mm long.
  • Seeds minute, cylindrical-ellipsoid, not curved, slightly carinate, shallowly linear-reticulate.

The Sumatran form tends to be more luxuriant and to have larger flowers than plants from elsewhere. H. uralum is found in grassy or rocky slopes, in pastures, thickets, open woodland and montane forest at 1700-3300 m altitude.

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