Gray & Trumbull, 1883. Review of DeCandolle's Origin of Cultivated Plants

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Asa Gray and J. Hammond Trumbull, 1883. Review of DeCandolle's Origin of Cultivated Plants; with Annotations upon certain American Species. American Journal of Science, 3rd series. Part 1. 25: 241-255. Part 2. 25: 370-379. Part 3. 26: 128-138.

This set of three articles is much less known than Candolle's work. It is a pity, because it complements very well the data of Candolle, with precise data about American plants from early travellers and botanists. Gray & Trumbull usually quote French authors in French, but Spanish authors in English.

As the authors state, Asa Gray was responsible for the botanical part, and Hammond Trumbull for the historical and linguistic part.

The articles are available on the Internet as parts of the American Journal of Science archives, but the pdf are quite difficult to use. We offer a clean text version of them. Section titles displaying the modern Latin names have been inserted for convenience.