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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Begonia L.

Family: Begoniaceae

Major species and synonyms

Vernacular names

B. hirtella:

  • Bearded begonia (En)
  • Indonesia: hariyang bulu (West Java).

B. muricata:

  • Indonesia: hariyang peucang (West Java), daun asam, tai bawi (Ambon)
  • Vietnam: thu hải dường, chua khan.


B. hirtella is native to the West Indies, Brazil and Peru. In Malaysia and Indonesia it is an escape from cultivation. B. muricata is indigenous to Indonesia and is occasionally cultivated elsewhere.


The sour leaves and stems are eaten raw or cooked in Indonesia. The plants are also used as ornamentals.


  • Juicy herbs, up to 40 cm (B. hirtella) or 90 cm (B. muricata) tall.
  • Leaf-blades obliquely ovate-cordate, 2.5 cm × 2-7 cm in B. hirtella, 4.5-17.5 cm × 4.5-13 cm in B. muricata, petioles short in B. hirtella, up to 25 cm long in B. muricata.

Both species like humid, stony sites, but B. muricata grows at higher altitudes (1000-2000 m) than B. hirtella (up to 1300 m). In New Guinea and the Philippines several other Begonia species are eaten as a vegetable.

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