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Navigation bar allowing to go to the previous or following page of a digitized book, so as to be able to view all the book.

Warning: "page" designates here the pages created on this wiki, and not the pages of the printed book. Such pages are mentioned in square brackets within the text.


The order of parameters has no impact on the result of the template.

  • title : the long title of the book
  • titlepreviouspage: link to the previous page
  • previousshortname: title of the previous page without reference to the book
  • titlefollowingpage: link to the following page
  • followingshortname : title of the following page without reference to the book


|title=Coppen, ''Gums, resins and latexes of plant origin'', 1995
|titlepreviouspage=Copal (Coppen, 1995)
|titlefollowingpage=Mastic (Coppen, 1995)

will give :

Coppen, Gums, resins and latexes of plant origin, 1995

You can make the title clickable, which allows to go easily to the introduction page of the book.