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Lablab purpureus (PROSEA)

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Diseases and pests
== Diseases and pests ==
Pod-boring larvae are the most serious pests of the lablab bean. ''Adisura atkinsoni '' is particularly troublesome. That pest has been controlled experimentally by strain HB-III of ''Bacterium cereus '' var. ''thuringensis''. In addition, the gram caterpillar, ''Heliothis armigera'', the plume moth, ''Exelastis atomosa'', and the spotted podborer, ''Maruca testulalis'', are of considerable economic significance. Insect infestation during storage is particularly caused by bruchid beetles, ''Callosobruchus '' spp., which also attack the crop in the field. Anthracnose, caused by ''Colletotrichum lindemuthianum'', can cause serious crop losses; spraying with zineb or captan is reported to give reasonable control. Leaf-spot, caused by ''Cercospora dolichi'', and powdery mildew, ''Leveillula taurica '' var. ''macrospora'', may also be troublesome and are controlled by spraying with Bordeaux mixture.
== Harvesting ==
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