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  1. Anaphyllopsis americanum (edit) → Anaphyllopsis americana
  2. Common names: Brassica napus Napobrassica Group (edit) → Brassica napus Napobrassica Group (Common Name)
  3. Common names: Brassica oleracea Acephala Group (edit) → Brassica oleracea Acephala Group (Common Name)
  4. Common names: Brassica oleracea Alboglabra Group (edit) → Brassica oleracea Alboglabra Group (Common Name)
  5. Common names: Brassica oleracea Botrytis Group (edit) → Brassica oleracea Botrytis Group (Common Name)
  6. Common names: Brassica oleracea Capitata Group (edit) → Brassica oleracea Capitata Group (Common Name)
  7. Common names: Brassica oleracea Costata Group (edit) → Brassica oleracea Costata Group (Common Name)
  8. Common names: Brassica oleracea Cymosa Group (edit) → Brassica oleracea Cymosa Group (Common Name)
  9. Common names: Brassica oleracea Gemmifera Group (edit) → Brassica oleracea Gemmifera Group (Common Name)
  10. Common names: Brassica oleracea Gongylodes Group (edit) → Brassica oleracea Gongylodes Group (Common Name)
  11. Common names: Brassica oleracea Palmifolia Group (edit) → Brassica oleracea Palmifolia Group (Common Name)
  12. Common names: Brassica oleracea Pyramidalis Group (edit) → Brassica oleracea Pyramidalis Group (Common Name)
  13. Common names: Brassica oleracea Ramosa Group (edit) → Brassica oleracea Ramosa Group (Common Name)
  14. Common names: Brassica oleracea Red Cabbage Group (edit) → Brassica oleracea Red Cabbage Group (Common Name)
  15. Common names: Brassica oleracea Rubra Group (edit) → Brassica oleracea Rubra Group (Common Name)
  16. Common names: Brassica oleracea Sabauda Group (edit) → Brassica oleracea Sabauda Group (Common Name)
  17. Common names: Brassica oleracea Sabellica Group (edit) → Brassica oleracea Sabellica Group (Common Name)
  18. Common names: Brassica oleracea Selenisia Group (edit) → Brassica oleracea Selenisia Group (Common Name)
  19. Common names:Secale cereale (edit) → Common names: Secale cereale
  20. Garcinia atroviridis (PROSEA) (edit) → Garcinia (PROSEA)
  21. Garcinia xanthochymus (PROSEA) (edit) → Garcinia (PROSEA)
  22. Common names: Hordeum vulgare (edit) → Hordeum vulgare (Common Name)
  23. Common names: Introduction (edit) → Introduction (Common Name)
  24. Medicinal plants (PROTA) (edit) → Introduction to Medicinal plants (PROTA)
  25. Mangifera similis (PROSEA) (edit) → Mangifera (PROSEA)
  26. Myristica argentea (PROSEA) (edit) → Myristica (PROSEA)
  27. Myristica succedanea (PROSEA) (edit) → Myristica (PROSEA)
  28. Nephelium hypoleucum (PROSEA) (edit) → Nephelium (PROSEA)
  29. Testfam (edit) → New family
  30. Genustemplate (edit) → New genus
  31. Common names: Phaseolus coccineus (edit) → Phaseolus coccineus (Common Name)
  32. Common names: Phaseolus vulgaris (edit) → Phaseolus vulgaris (Common Name)
  33. Common names: Phaseolus vulgaris French bean (edit) → Phaseolus vulgaris French bean (Common Name)
  34. Common names: Phaseolus vulgaris bush bean (edit) → Phaseolus vulgaris bush bean (Common Name)
  35. Common names: Phaseolus vulgaris climbing bean (edit) → Phaseolus vulgaris climbing bean (Common Name)
  36. Common names: Phaseolus vulgaris dry bean (edit) → Phaseolus vulgaris dry bean (Common Name)
  37. Common names: Phaseolus vulgaris pop bean (edit) → Phaseolus vulgaris pop bean (Common Name)
  38. Common names: Phaseolus vulgaris runner bean (edit) → Phaseolus vulgaris runner bean (Common Name)
  39. Common names: Phaseolus vulgaris wax bean (edit) → Phaseolus vulgaris wax bean (Common Name)
  40. Prunus mume (PROSEA) (edit) → Prunus (PROSEA)
  41. Prunus persica (PROSEA) (edit) → Prunus (PROSEA)
  42. Prunus salicina (PROSEA) (edit) → Prunus (PROSEA)
  43. Common names: Setaria italica (edit) → Setaria italica (Common Name)
  44. Common names: Sorghum bicolor (edit) → Sorghum bicolor (Common Name)
  45. Sorghum bicolor (broomcorn) (Common Name) (edit) → Sorghum bicolor (broomcorn) (Common names)
  46. Common names: Triticum monococcum (edit) → Triticum monococcum (Common Name)
  47. Common names: Vicia faba (edit) → Vicia faba (Common Name)
  48. Common names: Vigna radiata (edit) → Vigna radiata (Common Name)
  49. Common names: Vigna unguiculata Sesquipedalis Group (edit) → Vigna unguiculata Sesquipedalis Group (Common Name)
  50. Common names: Vigna unguiculata Unguiculata Group (edit) → Vigna unguiculata Unguiculata Group (Common Name)

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