Prunus armeniaca (PROSEA)

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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Prunus armeniaca L.

Family: Rosaceae


  • Armeniaca vulgaris Lamk.

Vernacular names

  • Apricot (En)
  • Abricotier (Fr)
  • Indonesia, Malaysia: badam
  • Thailand: aprikhot
  • Vietnam: mo'.


South-eastern Europe, central Asia, north-eastern China to Turkestan. Commercially cultivated in eastern Asia, India, China, Europe and America. In South-East Asia only occasionally cultivated.


The fruits are eaten fresh, dried, candied or conserved and are also used to prepare jams and drinks. Seedlings are used as rootstock for P. domestica L.


  • Round-headed tree up to 10 m tall with globose fruit (drupe), about 3 cm in diameter, reddish-yellow.

Fruits cannot be stored for long. Cultivated in the tropics always at higher altitudes.

Selected sources

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