Ochrosia akkeringae (PROSEA)

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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Ochrosia akkeringae (Teysm. & Binnend.) Miq.

Family: Apocynaceae


  • Ochrosia littoralis Merr.,
  • Excavatia littoralis (Merr.) Markgr.

Vernacular names

  • Philippines: pakoidan (Negritos), dins (Magindanao), labuei (Sulu).


Indonesia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea.


The seeds are edible, raw or cooked.


  • Tree, up to 13 m tall.
  • Leaves in whorls of 3-5.
  • Flowers yellow.
  • Fruit composed of 2 drupelets which are united at lower half; drupelets hairy, 3-4 cm long; stones thick-walled, containing several seeds.

In dry forests, up to 300 m altitude.

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P.C.M. Jansen, J. Jukema, L.P.A. Oyen, T.G. van Lingen