Myristica fragrans

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Myristica fragrans Houtt.

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nutmeg tree in fruit
Order Magnoliales
Family Myristicaceae
Genus Myristica

2n = 42

Origin : south of Moluccas

wild and cultivated

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Popular names

  • English: nutmeg / mace
  • French: muscadier ; noix muscade / macis
  • German: Muskatnussbaum ; Muskatnuss / Muskatblüte
  • Dutch: muskaatnoot, nootmuskaat / foelie
  • Spanish: nuez moscada / macis
  • Portuguese: noz moscada / maça, macis
  • Italian: noce moscata / macis
  • Indonesian: buah pala / bunga pala


Myristica fragrans Houtt. (1774)

synonym : M. moschata Thunb. (1782)




  • The pericarp is used candied in Indonesia to make pala manis.
  • The aril is separated from the seed and used as mace.
  • The seed is the nutmeg itself. It can be sold in the shell or without the shell. It is usually grated at the time of use, with a small grater.