Manilkara hexandra (PROSEA)

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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Manilkara hexandra (Roxb.) Dubard

Protologue: Ann. Inst. Bot.-Géol. Colon. Marseille, sér. 3, 3: 9 (1915).


  • Manilkara emarginata H.J. Lam (1925).

Vernacular names

  • Cambodia: kes
  • Thailand: ket
  • Vietnam: găng néo.


Eastern India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Hainan.


The timber is used for construction and turnery. The fruits are edible.


  • A medium-sized tree, up to 20 m tall, but sometimes much larger, with bole up to 50 cm in diameter.
  • Leaves more or less clustered at apex of twigs, glabrous.
  • Flower buds ovoid, pedicels not incrassate, calyx up to 4.5 mm long, ovary with a shallow, glabrous disk.
  • Fruit ovoid to subglobose, up to 1.5 cm long.

M. hexandra occurs in dry, deciduous forest. See also the table on wood properties.

Selected sources

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Main genus page


  • R.H.M.J. Lemmens (selection of species),