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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Mangifera macrocarpa Blume

Protologue: Bijdr. fl. Ned. Ind.: 1158 (1826).
Family: Anacardiaceae


  • Mangifera fragrans Maingay ex Hook.f. (1876).

Vernacular names

  • Indonesia: gompor (Sundanese, western Java), kipari (Java), haju (Sumatra), n'cham busur (East Kalimantan), asem busur (South Kalimantan)
  • Malaysia: macang api, macang lavid (Peninsular), kayu basinku (Sabah)
  • Thailand: mamuang-khikwang (peninsular).


Peninsular Thailand, Cambodia, Sumatra, Peninsular Malaysia, Java and Borneo. Sometimes also cultivated.


The fruits are large and edible, but rarely eaten.

The wood is reputed to be used.


  • A medium-sized to fairly large tree up to 40 m tall, with bole up to 90 cm indiameter, with long spreading branches, bark surface initially smooth, later deeply, narrowly fissured, greyish-brown.
  • Leaves linear-lanceolate, 15-51(-60) cm × 2-3(-5) cm, chartaceous.
  • Inflorescence pseudo-terminal, glabrous.
  • Flowers 5-merous, petals 9-12 mm long, white, with 1-3 prominent ridges confluent at the base, disk slender, stipe-like, 5-lobed, one stamen fertile, 4 staminodes smaller, free at the base.
  • Fruit obliquely oblong-globose or ellipsoid-globose.
  • Fruit an obliquely, broadly oblong-globose drupe, 8-12 cm long, smooth and glossy, yellowish-green when ripe with few brown lenticels, flesh yellow, fibrous.

In lowlands and on hill ridges in primary forests, flowering between October and January, fruiting between October and April, but flowering occurs very rarely. The phenology needs better investigation.

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