Madhuca aristulata (PROSEA)

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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Madhuca aristulata (King & Gamble) H.J.Lam

Protologue: Sapotaceae


Bassia aristulata King & Gamble.


Malaysia (Peninsular).


The latex is said to give a good quality gutta-percha.


Tree, up to 15 m tall. Leaves scattered, loosely clustered; petiole up to 6 cm long; blade oblong-elliptical, 20-50 cm × 7-18 cm, base rounded, apex bluntly pointed, secondary veins 19-25(-35) pairs mostly inarching to form a prominent intramarginal vein. Flowers in axillary clusters, 2-11 together, about 1 cm in diameter; sepals 4, about 1 cm long; corolla tubular, 8-lobed, tube about 1 cm long and inside densely filled with woolly hairs; stamens about 25, in 3 whorls, about 7 mm long. Fruits and seeds are unknown. M. aristulata is a rare species flowering in April or October.

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