Koompassia grandiflora (PROSEA)

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List of species

Koompassia grandiflora Kosterm.

Protologue: Bull. Bot. Gard. Buitenzorg, ser. 3, 18: 443 (1950).


Irian Jaya.


The timber may be used as kempas or tualang.


  • A fairly large tree up to 37 m tall with large, tall buttresses and a bole up to 25 m long and up to 100 cm in diameter, bark rather smooth, grey-brown.
  • Leaves with 8-11 ovate-lanceolate leaflets of 3.5-10 cm × 1.5-3.5 cm.
  • Flowers comparatively large, sepals and petals c. 10 mm long, ovary ellipsoid, hairy at base.
  • Pod narrowly obovate, 9-12 cm long.

K. grandiflora is fairly common in the lowland near Manokwari.

Selected sources


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  • Wan Razali Wan Mohd (selection of species)