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Finding colour names

Several help pages are available on Wikipedia and Wikimedia, and it is difficult to understand their coherence. here is a list:

The list of colors gives a long list of colors sorted by the alphabetical order of their English names. This liste de couleurs also exists in French, with French names.

web colors

color formatting help oriented towards the color of text and text surroundings.

table détaillée doesn't offer clear hues.

Codification of colours

Some colors bear a clear name (red, green...). All have a hexadecimal code.

Formatting colours

To put a text in color (here, red) on a white background: <span style="color:#FF0000"> TEXT </span>, will give: TEXT

To put a black text on a green background: <span style="background:#00C000"> TEXT </span>, will give: TEXT

To put a red text on a green background: <span style="color:#FF0000; background:#00C000"> TEXT </span>, will give: TEXT

In a table : style="background:red; color:white" will give a white text on a red background.