Fagaropsis angolensis (Bekele-Tesemma, 2007)

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Euphorbia tirucalli
Bekele-Tesemma, Useful trees and shrubs for Ethiopia, 2007
Fagaropsis angolensis (Bekele-Tesemma, 2007)
Ficus carica

Fagaropsis angolensis Rutaceae Indigenous

Common names

  • Oromugna: Dergi, Dero, Muke, Shapindi
  • Sidamigna: Sighilu


Found from Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo and south to Angola and Malawi. In Ethiopia, it is common in the upper storey of the humid highland forests, usually with Podocarpus spp., in Dry, Moist and Wet Weyna Dega agroclimatic zones in Ilubabor, Wolega, Sidamo and Bale regions, 1,300–1,900 m.


Firewood, timber (flooring, furniture).


A deciduous tree 7–25 m, nearly 2 m in diameter at base height in a good specimen, with a straight cylindrical bole.

  • BARK: Light grey. When freshly cut, bright orange with a white layer deeper inside. This helps identification.
  • LEAVES: Compound, on a stalk 13–40 cm, leaflets shiny and oval, usually 7 (5–13) each to 9 cm, the tip pointed. Lateral leaves are unequal sided.
  • FLOWERS: Yellow-white, in heads 6–12 cm, flowering on the bare tree.
  • FRUIT: Round, red-black, about 1 cm, roughly dotted with glands.


Seedlings, wildings.


About 4,000–4,500 seeds per kg. The germination is very good and fast.

  • Treatment: Not necessary.
  • Storage: Use fresh seed for best result.


Produces root suckers.


A moderately hard timber but not durable. It is easy to saw, finishes well and makes beautiful furniture and panelling.