Etlingera punicea (PROSEA)

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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Etlingera punicea (Roxb.) R.M. Smith

Family: Zingiberaceae


  • Hornstedtia macrocheilus Ridley,
  • Achasma coccineum (Blume) Valeton,
  • Amomum coccineum (Blume) K. Schumann.

Vernacular names

  • Indonesia: tepus bener, rongod (Sundanese)
  • Malaysia: chalong (Peninsular).


Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia.


The aril around the seeds is edible, sweet. Pounded leaves are rubbed over the whole body against fever.


  • Robust perennial herb, up to 7 m tall, with slender rhizome.
  • Leaves subsessile, lanceolate, up to 108 cm × 18 cm.
  • Infructescence globular, 12 cm in diameter, near to the ground.
  • Fruit sessile, berry-like, obovoid or obconical, polygonal, 2-5 cm × 2-3 cm, 9-14-ribbed, densely sericeous.

In primary and secondary forests, often along water, at 800-1600 m altitude.

Selected sources

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P.C.M. Jansen, J. Jukema, L.P.A. Oyen, T.G. van Lingen