Dillenia reifferscheidia (PROSEA)

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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Dillenia reifferscheidia Villar

Protologue: Nov. App.: 3 (1880).
Family: Dilleniaceae

Vernacular names

  • Philippines: katmon-kalabau (Tagalog), katmon-kadlagan, balali, palali (Bikol).


Endemic in the Philippines.


The timber is suitable for construction work. The fruits are edible, with the flavour of a sour apple; they make excellent jam.


  • A small evergreen tree up to 12 m tall, with bole up to 60 cm in diameter, with widely spreading, crooked branches.
  • Leaves elliptical to obovate, (12-)20-30(-50) cm × (8-)13-20(-35) cm, margin dentate to nearly entire, petiole up to 4 cm long, with large obovate wings amplexicaul at base and completely caducous.
  • Flowers solitary or 2-3 together, c. 17.5 cm in diameter, sepals 11-17, increasing in size towards centre of flower, petals white, rarely rose-red, stamens in 2 distinct groups, the inner ones larger, anthers shortly acuminate at apex, opening by pores.
  • Fruit berry-like, indehiscent, subglobose, 5-8 cm diameter. Ripe carpels enclosed by the sepals. Carpels 20-25 mm × 10-12 mm, 1-4-seeded.
  • Seeds black with a membranaceous aril.

D. reifferscheidia occurs in primary and secondary forest up to 1000 m altitude, particularly in humid regions.

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