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List of species

Cynoglossum amabile Stapf & J.R. Drumm.

Protologue: Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew: 202 (1906).


Native to southern China but widely cultivated as an ornamental, occasionally also in Java.


C. amabile is used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat cough, scrofula, and to stop bleeding of wounds.


A perennial herb up to 60 cm tall, often with single, densely spreading, pubescent stem; leaves oblong-lanceolate to lanceolate, basal ones 5-20 cm × 2-4 cm, densely pubescent and grey-green to greyish-white; inflorescence paniculate, branches crowded at apex, ebracteate; corolla 5-6 mm long, blue, rarely white; nutlets ovoid, 3-4 mm long, covered all over by glochids. In China, C. amabile occurs in hillside meadows, open forest, roadsides and river banks in the mountains, at 2600-3700 m altitude.

Selected sources

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Ch.B. Lugt & R.H.M.J. Lemmens