Brassica napus Fodder colza Group (Common names)

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Names in common use

  • English: fodder kale
  • German: Futterkohl
  • Dutch:
  • Swedish:
  • Danish:
  • Norwegian:
  • Icelandic:

  • French: chou fourrager
  • Italian:
  • Spanish:
  • Catalan:
  • Portuguese:
  • Romanian:

  • Russian:
  • Polish:
  • Czech:
  • Slovak:
  • Bulgarian:
  • Croatian:
  • Serb:
  • Slovenian:

  • Latvian:
  • Lithuanian:
  • Albanian:
  • Greek:
  • Turkish:
  • Maltese:
  • Hungarian:
  • Finnish:
  • Estonian:

Sources and commentaries

To this group belong the cultivars ‘Siberian’, 'Hungry Gap’ et ‘Ragged Jack’, that nothing distinguishes morphologically from ordinary kales (Brassica oleracea Acephala Group), except that they have the chromosome number of Brassica napus. Their cultivation is limited to northern Europe, and they have no distinct name.