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List of species

Ampelocissus arachnoidea (Hassk.) Planchon

Protologue: A.DC. & C.DC., Monogr. phan. 5(2): 375 (1887).
Family: Vitaceae


  • Vitis arachnoidea (Hassk.) Backer,
  • Vitis harmandii Planchon sensu Ridley.

Vernacular names

  • Indonesia: oyod air, bantengan, gunggurutu.
  • Vietnam: nho rừng, hồ nho nhện.


Cambodia, Vietnam, Java, Madura.


In Cambodia, the roots are used to treat venereal diseases. The fruits are edible, juicy, but acid and astringent, and without much flavour; they are sometimes used as a substitute for vinegar.


  • Climbing or creeping vine up to 10 m long, with tuberous rootstock, usually in light forest.
  • Leaves simple, suborbicular, 3-5-angular or lobed, deeply cordate at base, coarsely toothed, densely arachnoid beneath.
  • Inflorescence erect, ovoid, dense; flowers small, usually 5-merous
  • Fruit a globose berry, 2-3 cm diameter, dark red.

A. arachnoidea occurs in open forest and brushwood, up to 400 m altitude.

Selected sources

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62, 971. medicinals

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  • Nguyen Huu Hien
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