Allium fistulosum

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Allium fistulosum

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Order [[]]
Family [[]]
Genus Allium

2n =

Origin : area of origin

wild or cultivated

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CIBOUL. TWO-BLADED ONION. WELSH ONION. Siberia, introduced into England in 1629[1]. The Welsh onion acquired its name from the German walsch (foreign)[2]. It never forms a bulb like the common onion but has long, tapering roots and strong fibers[3]. It is grown for its leaves which are used in salads. McIntosh[4] says it has a small, flat, brownish-green bulb which ripens early and keeps well and is useful for pickling. It is very hardy and, as Targioni-Tozzetti[5] thinks, is probably the parent species of the onion. It is mentioned by McMahon[6] in 1806 as one of the American garden esculents; by Randolph in Virginia before 1818; and was cataloged for sale by Thorburn in 1828, as at the present time.

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