Acanthosicyos horridus

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Acanthosicyos horridus

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Order [[]]
Family [[]]
Genus Acanthosicyos

2n =

Origin : area of origin

wild or cultivated

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NARAS. Tropics of Africa. The fruit grows on a bush from four to five feet high, without leaves and with opposite thorns. It has a coriaceous rind, rough with prickles, is about 15-18 inches around and inside resembles a melon as to seed and pulp. When ripe it has a luscious sub-acid taste[1]. The bushes grow on little knolls of sand. It is described, however, by Anderson[2] as a creeper which produces a kind of prickly gourd about the size of a Swede turnip and of delicious flavor. It constitutes for several months of the year the chief food of the natives, and the seeds are dried and preserved for winter consumption. Sturtevant, Notes on edible plants, 1919.

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