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Vachellia seyal

Vachellia seyal
(Delile) P. J. H. Hurter

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Ordre Fabales
Famille Fabaceae
Genre Vachellia

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Origine :

sauvage et cultivé


Résumé des usages
  • source de gomme arabique


Noms populaires


Vachellia seyal (Delile) P. J. H. Hurter (2008)

basionyme :

  • Acacia seyal Delile (1813-1814) ("1812")

synonyme :

  • Acacia stenocarpa Hochst. ex A. Rich. (1847)




Acacia seyal. GUM ARABIC TREE. THIRSTY THORN. WHISTLING-TREE. North Africa, Upper Egypt and Senegambia. It furnishes the best gum arabic[1]. It is called glute by the Arabs of the upper Nile and whistling tree by the natives of Sudan. The holes left by the departure of a gall insect are rendered musical by the wind[2].

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  2. Schweinfurth, G. Heart Afr. I:97-98. 1874. (A. fistula)

Acacia stenocarpa. GUM ARABIC TREE. Southern Nubia and Abyssinia. The gum of this tree is extensively collected in the region between the Blue Nile and the upper Atbara. It is called taleh, talha or kakul[1].

  1. Flückiger and Hanbury Pharm. 206. 1879.


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