Zygophyllum miniatum (Gintzburger et al., 2003)

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Zygophyllum eichwaldii
Gintzburger et al., Rangelands in Uzbekistan, 2003
Zygophyllum miniatum (Gintzburger et al., 2003)
Zygophyllum oxianum
Zygophyllum miniatum
Zygophyllum miniatum

Zygophyllum miniatum Cham. et Schlecht.

Local name:

  • Russian: Парнолистник суриково-красный - parnolistnik surikovo-krasnyj

Description and morphology: Perennial, small herb (height 25–40 cm), glabrous. Stem: herbaceous, white furrowed, prostrate, dichotomous branching from base. Leaves: long petioles with 1–3, 4 pairs broad oval leaflets. Scale leaves webbed, upper lengthened, lanceolate, pointed (3–4 mm long). Perianth compound. Flowers: bisexual; white with red wedge-shaped nails arranged in two in leaf axial; 5 stamens.

Reproduction: Sexual. Flowering: April–May. Fruit maturation: May–June. Fruit: trailing capsules, bright red, lunate or linear (3–40 mm long, 3–5 mm wide) without wings.

Pastoral importance: Not touched by livestock.

Habitat: Gypsophyte. Occurs on sand and clay-gravelly deserts.

Distribution: Endemic. Middle and Central Asia (Aral-Caspian region, Kyzylkum, Karakum and Pamir-Alai).