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Differences between Wikipedia and Pl@ntUse

This text has been borrowed partly from the relevant pages of Species-ID, Main Page and How to use Wikipedia.

  • You may publish original and authored data, what Wikipedia does not allow.
  • Wikipedia removes some pages for "lack of notability." On Pl@ntUse, only the criteria of relevance and traceability are applied.
  • Wikipedia publishes syntheses, in which basic data are summarized. We rather aim to publish such basic data, be they original or already published, but not readily available.
  • In Wikipedia, content is the result of negotiations between contributors of any kind. This negotiation is regulated by a complex system of contributor's status. In Pl@ntUse, our goal is to target the highest possible scientific quality. The procedures are still under development, but the choice to allow authored pages makes it possible, if necessary, to offer several pages on the same subject to present the views of authors who would disagree.