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Phaseolus vulgaris dry bean (Common names)

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{{DISPLAYTITLE:Common names: ''Phaseolus vulgaris'' dry bean(Common names)}}
See also:
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* Icelandic:
|group2 =
* French: haricot, haricot sec; fève (Canada); haricot lingot<sup>1</sup>, mongette<sup>1</sup> (Poitou-Charentes); haricot coco<sup>2</sup>, coco<sup>2</sup>, haricot riz<sup>2</sup>; haricot à écosser<sup>3</sup>; flageolet<sup>4</sup>
* Italian: fagiolo; fagiolo da sgranare<sup>3</sup>
* Spanish: frijol, judía; caraota, poroto
* Catalan: mongetaseca, fesol
* Portuguese: feijão (pl. feijões)
* Romanian: fasole
* Slovenian: fižol
|group4 =
* Latvian:
* Lithuanian:
* Albanian: fasule (fasulja with the article), groshë
* Greek: φασόλι, φασολιά, φασουλιά - fasoli, fasolia, fasoulia
* Turkish: fasulye
* Maltese:
* Hungarian: veteménybab, paszuly, paszulybab
* Finnish: torapapu
* Estonian:
|sources =
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