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Brassica napus Schnittkohl Group (Common names)

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{{Common Names
* English: rapeSiberian kale, coleseed; rape, colza Hanover salad (USA); Canola<sup>®1</sup> (Canada)* German: Raps; Reps, Lewat, Kohlsaat; Raps, Reps (CH); Raps (Austria)Schnittkohl* Dutch: koolzaad; bladkool<sup>2</sup>snijkool, snijmoes* Swedish: raps* Danish: raps* Norwegian: raps
* Icelandic:
|group2 =
* French: colza; Canola<sup>®1</sup> (Canada)chou à faucher* Italian: colza* Spanish: colza; nabo (Argentina); rape<sup>3</sup> (Argentina)* Catalan: colza* Portuguese: colza* Romanian: colza, rapiţă, rapiţă colza
|group3 =
* Russian: рапс, сурепица - raps, surepica* Polish: rzepak* Czech: řepka* Slovak: repka* Bulgarian: рапс, рапица - raps, rapica* Croatian: repica
* Serb:
* Slovenian: ogrščica
|group4 =
* Latvian:
* Lithuanian:
* Albanian:
* Greek: γκόλτσα; ράπιτσα - koltsa, rapitsa
* Turkish:
* Maltese:
* Hungarian: repce* Finnish: rapsi
* Estonian:
|sources =
(1) Canola<sup>®</sup> is originally a trademark for oil ''Brassica'' grown in Canada*Dutch**A specialty of Groningen. It includes mostly ''Brassica napusSnijmoes'', and also some ''Brassica rapa''. The word is gaining a status designates the product of crop name in northern America. (2) When grown in winter as a fodder or green manure. (3) For foddersavoy cabbage obtained when sowing thick and harvesting young.
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