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Phaseolus vulgaris dry bean (Common names)

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{{DISPLAYTITLE:Common names: ''Phaseolus vulgaris'' dry bean(Common names)}}
See also:
[[Phaseolus vulgaris (Common names: )|''Phaseolus vulgaris'' (Common names)]]
[[Phaseolus vulgaris bush bean (Common names: )|''Phaseolus vulgaris French '' bush bean(Common names)]]
[[Phaseolus vulgaris climbing bean (Common names: )|''Phaseolus vulgaris runner '' climbing bean(Common names)]]
[[Phaseolus vulgaris French bean (Common names: )|''Phaseolus vulgaris wax '' French bean(Common names)]]
[[Phaseolus vulgaris pop bean (Common names: )|''Phaseolus vulgaris bush '' pop bean(Common names)]]
[[Phaseolus vulgaris runner bean (Common names: )|''Phaseolus vulgaris climbing '' runner bean(Common names)]] [[Phaseolus vulgaris wax bean (Common names)|''Phaseolus vulgaris'' wax bean (Common names)]]
[[Common names: Phaseolus vulgaris pop bean]]
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