Smilax blumei (PROSEA)

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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Smilax blumei A.DC.

Protologue: Monogr. phan. 1: 202 (1878).


The Andaman Islands, peninsular Thailand, Peninsular Malaysia, Java, New Guinea and north-eastern Australia.


S. blumei is probably used for similar medicinal purposes as S. leucophylla . The roots are boiled by the Kedayan people in Sarawak to make a drink for treating rheumatism.


A climber up to 20 m long with sparsely prickly stem and branches; leaves ovate-elliptical, up to 25 cm long, petiole up to 3 cm long, wings of petiolar sheaths distinct, tendrils present; inflorescence with (1-)3-10 umbels; fruit about 8-12 mm in diameter, dark purple to black at maturity. S. blumei occurs in evergreen forest up to 1500 m altitude. It has often been confused with S. leucophylla , which can be distinguished by its glaucous leaf undersurface and thicker leaves.

Selected sources

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Stephen P. Teo