Ruffo, Edible wild plants of Tanzania, 2002

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Ruffo, Edible wild plants of Tanzania, 2002
Ruffo, Edible wild plants of Tanzania, 2002

Book cover Ruffo Tanzania.png
Edible wild plants of Tanzania

Christopher Ruffo K., Anne Birnie and Bo Tengnäs

Note of Pl@ntUse. We are happy to reproduce here the content of this book. This has been possible due to the fact that the book "may be reproduced without special permission", and that it can be downloaded in a pdf form.

Only the introductory part, the species pages and the bibliography have been reproduced. The index of specias is provided by the category indicated below. Those wishing to have access to the other pages can download the book in pdf at the World Agroforestry Centre.

The text is reproduced as published, except for obvious typographical errors. Titles of fields with no data have been deleted. The species name appearing in blue links it to the main species page. When the scientific name has changed, a redirect page allows to go directly to the page with the currently accepted name.