Rubia tinctorum

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Rubia tinctorum L.

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leaves and flowers
Order Gentianales
Family Rubiaceae
Genus Rubia

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Origin : western and central Asia


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Popular names

  • English: madder
  • French: garance
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  • Rubia tinctorum L. (1753)

syn.: Rubia tinctoria Salisb. (1796)

The name is often incorrectly spelled Rubia tinctoria, because many people think they are correcting an error. Many plants bear indeed the epithet tinctorius (m.), tinctoria (f.) or tinctorium (n.), which is an adjective. Here we have the substantive tinctor ("a dyer"), in its plural genetive form, tinctorum. Litterally, the madder is the "madder of the dyers". The use of Linnaeus must be followed, and not the later synonym by Salisbury.



see Candolle's article.

see Maison rustique du XIXe siècle (1837) for cultivation in Provence (France)



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