Physical properties of essential oils (PROSEA)

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Most of the data presented here have been issued by the International Standardization Organization (ISO). ISO standards are determined in accordance with standard procedures. The procedures used to determine the parameters in this table are stipulated in the following standards:

  • Relative density: ISO 279 - 1981: Determination of relative density at 20 °C.
  • Refractive index: ISO 280 - 1976: Determination of refractive index.
  • Optical rotation: ISO 592 - 1981: Determinatioin of optical rotation.
  • Miscibility in ethanol: ISO 875 - 1981: Determination of miscibility in ethanol.

In the last column the number of the standard referring to the essential oil in question is given. If available, the ISO standard with the year of its publication is given. ISO/DIS refers to a standard that is currently under review by the ISO Essential Oils Committee. If no ISO standard was available for an essential oil, standard data issued by the Essential Oils Association of the United States (EOA) are presented. EOA data are generally comparable to ISO data, but measurements are taken following different procedures.

Sources: Bauer, Garbe & Surburg, 1997; ISO Standards.