Impatiens platypetala (PROSEA)

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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Impatiens platypetala Lindley

Protologue: Bot. Reg.:
  • 32. Airy Shaw, H.K., 1975. The Euphorbiaceae of Borneo. Kew Bulletin Additional Series IV. Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, United Kingdom. 245 pp.t. 68 (1846).


Balsamina sumatrana Miq. (1846).

Vernacular names

  • Indonesia: pacar leuweung, pacar tere (Sundanese), pacar banyu (Javanese).


Widely distributed in South-East Asia, common in Malaysia and Indonesia.


In Java, the leaves are used for poulticing skin problems, and as a diuretic for children.


A perennial herb, 30-100 cm tall, erect or decumbent; leaves 3-whorled, sometimes opposite, ovate to ovate-elliptical, 6-11.5 cm × 1-3.5 cm, base attenuate, apex acute to acuminate, margins shallowly serrate, petiole 0.7-2.8 cm long; flowers solitary, pedicel slender, 4-6.5 cm long, lateral sepals lanceolate to ovate, 7-12 mm long, acuminate, lower sepal shallowly navicular, 8-12 mm long, abruptly constricted into a curved, filiform spur 20-40 mm long, whitish or greenish, petals flat, obcordate, dorsal petal 11-14 mm × 7-9 mm, lateral united petals 19-21 mm long, shallowly emarginate, upper pair slightly smaller than lower pair; corolla pink, rose, purple, violet, white, or white with a coloured eye; capsule fusiform, 16-18 mm × 4-5 mm, glabrous. I. platypetala is a variable species, and occurs in lowland and montane forest, growing in gullies, along streams, in damp, shaded and semi-shaded localities, forest clearings, often gregarious, at 100-1600 m altitude.

Selected sources


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