Gagea elegans (Gintzburger et al., 2003)

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Eremurus inderiensis
Gintzburger et al., Rangelands in Uzbekistan, 2003
Gagea elegans (Gintzburger et al., 2003)
Merendera robusta
Gagea elegans

Gagea elegans Wall. Ex D.Don

Local name:

  • Russian: Гусиный лук - gusinyj luk
  • Uzbek: Kuzy-gyul
  • Turkmen: It-adzhuva

Chromosome number: 2n = 48 (Malik 1961); 2n = 72 (Tischler 1935, 1936; Fedorov 1969).

Description and morphology: Low growing bulbous herb. Leaves: 1–2 basal, glossy lanceolate (8–20 mm wide). Flowers: bisexual; small, yellow. Perianth 6–8, star-like, with spreading tepals.

Reproduction: Sexual and vegetative. Flowering and fruit maturation: May–June. Fruit: loculicidal capsule.

Fodder value: Good food for sheep and small ruminants on ephemeral pastures when dry.

Pastoral importance: Poor to none. Not eaten by livestock when green. Leaves used as a vegetable.

Habitat: Grows in patches in dry areas, on edges of fields, stony hills, mainly in Juniperus mountainous areas.

Distribution: Central Asia, Pakistan, Kashmir, Afghanistan, Middle East to North Africa.