Fernandoa adenophylla (PROSEA)

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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Fernandoa adenophylla (Wallich ex G. Don) v. Steenis


Haplophragma adenophyllum (Wallich ex G. Don) Dop, Heterophragma adenophyllum (Wallich ex G. Don) Seem. ex Bonpl. & Humb., Spathodea adenophylla (Wallich ex G. Don) DC.

Vernacular names

  • Laos: kh'ê: hla:w
  • Thailand: khae hang khang (general), khae khon (northern), khae phong (peninsular)
  • Vietnam: ngọt nai (Bihn Tri Thiên), sòdo (An Giang).


India (Assam), Burma (Myanmar), Indo-China, the Andaman and Cocos Islands, Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia.