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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Eucalyptus torelliana F. v. Mueller

Protologue: Fragm. 10: 106 (1877).

Vernacular names

  • Cadaga, cadaghi (Australia).


Eastern Queensland, Australia. Planted in Papua New Guinea, Peninsular Malaysia, tropical Africa and India.


The wood is not durable in contact with the ground and has been used previously for vehicle bodies and bridge deckings. E. torelliana might be suitable as a shade or afforestation tree.


  • A small to medium-sized tree of up to 30 m tall, bole of good shape, bark smooth but scaly and subfibrous at base and tessellated up to 5 m high.
  • Juvenile leaves opposite at first, broadly ovate, peltate, adult leaves alternate, narrowly to broadly lanceolate, 10-14 cm × 1-3.5 cm, acuminate, petiole 5-20 mm long.
  • Inflorescence a terminal corymbose panicle, umbels 3-flowered.
  • Flower buds ovoid, operculum hemispherical, apiculate.
  • Fruit globular-urceolate to ovoid, 8-10 mm × 8-10 mm, with 3 deeply included valves.

E. torelliana grows in and around tropical rain forest on slopes of coastal areas up to 800 m altitude.

Selected sources

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  • C.C.H. Jongkind (selection of species)