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List of species

Eucalyptus robusta J.E. Smith

Protologue: Spec. bot. New Holland 1: 39 (1795).


  • Eucalyptus multiflora Poir. (1812).

Vernacular names

  • Swamp mahogany (En).


Native to Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. Planted in the Philippines, Peninsular Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and elsewhere in the tropics and subtropics.


The wood is mainly used for general construction but also for shingles, ship building, wharf construction and wheelwrights work. It is also used as a pulpwood and the species is used for reforestation purposes.


  • A medium-sized tree of up to 30 m tall, bole often rather short, bark rough, soft, spongy, subfibrous, red-brown.
  • Juvenile leaves alternate, ovate, discolorous, adult leaves alternate, broadly lanceolate, 10-16 cm × 2.5-4.5 cm, long-acuminate, petiole 20-35 mm long.
  • Inflorescence simple, umbels 9-15-flowered.
  • Flower buds rostrate or more or less fusiform, operculum conical, rostrate.
  • Fruit campanulate, slightly constricted above the middle, 10-18 mm × 6-11 mm, with 3 or 4 included to slightly exserted valves.

E. robusta grows in swampy places, often near the sea, sometimes on slopes and often in pure stands.

Selected sources

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  • C.C.H. Jongkind (selection of species)