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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Dipterocarpus cornutus Dyer

Protologue: Fl. Brit. India 1: 296 (1874).

Vernacular names

  • Indonesia: akas (East Kalimantan), keruing gajah (Sumatra, Kalimantan)
  • Malaysia: keruing gombang, keruing pekat, keruing marah keluang (Peninsular).


Peninsular Malaysia, Sumatra, and southern and eastern Borneo.


The wood is used as keruing and occasionally for charcoal production. The bole abundantly produces a wood-oil which is used as a varnish, for caulking boats and for illumination purposes.


  • A very large tree, bole tall, bark surface pale, lighter than most other species; buds lanceolate, pale ochrous-cream puberulent.
  • Leaves broadly elliptical to oblong-ovate, 15-30 cm × 7.5-18 cm, base obtuse, apex obtuse or subretuse, secondary veins 18-21 pairs, densely persistently puberulent beneath, petiole 5-8.5 cm long, stipules lorate, narrowly obtuse, pale ochrous-cream puberulent outside.
  • Stamens 30.
  • Fruit calyx tube glabrescent, subglobose with 5 prominent distal tubercles, 2 larger fruit calyx lobes up to 21 cm × 5 cm, 3 shorter ones up to 15 mm × 15 mm.

The density of the wood is 655-935 kg/m3at 15% moisture content. See also the table on wood properties.

Selected sources

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  • T. Smitinand (selection of species),
  • C. Phengklai (selection of species),
  • L.E. Groen (selection of species)