Diospyros blancoi

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Diospyros blancoi A. DC.

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Order Ericales
Family Ebenaceae
Genus Diospyros

2n = 30

Origin : Philippines, Taiwan

wild and cultivated

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Popular names

  • English:
    • mabolo, velvet apple, butter fruit
    • mabola persimmon, butter fruit (Wealth of India)
  • French: mabolo, pommier velours
  • Hindi: bilayati gab (Wealth of India)
  • Indonesian: buah mentega (PROSEA)
  • Sundanese: bisbul, mabolo (PROSEA)
  • Malaysian: buah lemah, buah sagalat, kayu mantega (PROSEA)
  • Philippines: mabolo, kamagong; talang (Tagalog) (PROSEA)


Diospyros blancoi A. DC. (1844)


  • Diospyros discolor Willd. (1806), nom. illeg.
  • Diospyros mabola Roxb. (1814), nom. nudum



Cultivated in South-East Asia (Indonesia) and introduced in other tropical countries.


cut fruit
fruit at Homestead, Florida
  • fruit
  • timber
  • roadside tree
  • rootstock for Diospyros kaki.


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