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List of species

Canarium salomonense B.L. Burtt subsp. papuanum Leenh.

Protologue: Blumea 8: 188, fig. 5f (1955).


Papua New Guinea.


The wood is reputed to be used as kedondong. In the Solomon Islands, subsp. salomonense is cultivated for its seeds.


  • A medium-sized to fairly large tree up to 40 m tall, bole up to 80 cm in diameter, usually buttressed, sometimes with stilt roots.
  • Stipules caducous, inserted on the petiole, auricle-shaped; leaves with 5-7 leaflets, leaflets abruptly shortly acuminate at apex, margin entire, glabrous, with 8-14 pairs of secondary veins.
  • Inflorescence terminal, male one laxly paniculate, female one more slender.
  • Male flowers 4-5.5 mm long, female flowers 10 mm long, stamens 6.
  • Fruit flattened ellipsoid, c. 35 mm × 23 mm × 15 mm, glabrous.

C. salomonense subsp. papuanum occurs in rain forest up to 400 m altitude.

Selected sources

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  • M.S.M. Sosef (selection of species)

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