Canarium pseudopatentinervium (PROSEA)

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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Canarium pseudopatentinervium H.J. Lam

Protologue: Ann. Jard. Bot. Buitenzorg 42: 214, t. 13, fig. 104e (1932).

Vernacular names

  • Indonesia: tetak tunjuk (Sumatra), asam-asam (Bangka), engai (Kalimantan).


Sumatra, Bangka and Borneo.


The wood is reputed to be used as kedondong.


  • A medium-sized to fairly large tree up to 38 m tall, bole branchless for up to 16 m, up to 60 cm in diameter, sometimes buttressed, inner bark exuding a little yellowish-white resin.
  • Stipules absent; leaves with 3-5(-9) leaflets, leaflets with shortly acuminate apex, margin entire, glabrescent, with 7-14 pairs of secondary veins.
  • Inflorescence terminal, female one paniculate, with racemose branches.
  • Flowers 7 mm long in bud, petals clawed, stamens 6.
  • Fruit ellipsoid, circular to rounded triangular in cross-section, 50-70 mm × 20-30 mm, glabrous.

C. pseudopatentinervium occurs infrequently in primary forest, up to 700 m altitude. The density of the wood is 500-555 kg/m3 at 15% moisture content.

Selected sources

77, 162, 342, 366.


  • M.S.M. Sosef (selection of species)

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