Brassica rapa Septiceps Group (Common names)

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Names in common use

  • English: seven-top turnip, Italian kale (plant) / turnip greens, turnip tops, broccoli greens (product)
  • German: Rübstiel, Stielmus
  • Dutch: raapsteel (singular); raapstelen, raapsteeltjes (plural)
  • Swedish:
  • Danish:
  • Norwegian:
  • Icelandic:

  • French: brocolis; fanes de navet (Canada)
  • Italian:
  • Spanish: nabizas, grelos
  • Catalan:
  • Portuguese: nabiças, grelos
  • Romanian:

  • Russian:
  • Polish:
  • Czech:
  • Slovak:
  • Bulgarian:
  • Croatian:
  • Serb:
  • Slovenian:

  • Latvian:
  • Lithuanian:
  • Albanian:
  • Greek:
  • Turkish:
  • Maltese:
  • Hungarian:
  • Finnish:
  • Estonian:

Sources and commentaries

It is uncertain whether this group can be distinguished from Cima di rapa Group. Types of turnip grown for their leaves and sprouts may be different from one country to another.