Baccaurea brevipes (PROSEA)

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Plant Resources of South-East Asia
List of species

Baccaurea brevipes Hook.f.

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Vernacular names

  • Blue rambai (En)
  • Indonesia: mata ayam, rambai bukit
  • Malaysia: mata ayam, rambai ayam, rambai tikus (Peninsular), setambum lilin.


Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, Sumatra.


The fruit is edible but insipid. The wood is used in house building but is not resistant to insects. An extract of the leaves is used to regulate menstruation.


  • Tree, up to 18 m tall.
  • Leaves narrowly cordate.
  • Fruit a globose capsule, about 2 cm diameter, waxy white to rose-pink, flesh violet; in 7-30 cm long strings on the trunk.

Common in rain forest on sandy loam, up to 400 m altitude. Closely related to Baccaurea motleyana (Muell. Arg.) Muell. Arg.

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P.C.M. Jansen, J. Jukema, L.P.A. Oyen, T.G. van Lingen