Acacia bussei (Bekele-Tesemma, 2007)

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Acacia brevispica
Bekele-Tesemma, Useful trees and shrubs for Ethiopia, 2007
Acacia bussei (Bekele-Tesemma, 2007)
Acacia decurrens

Acacia bussei (Fabaceae, indigenous)

Common names

  • Amargna: Girar
  • Oromugna: Hallo
  • Somaligna: Galo, Galool
  • Tigrigna: Gumero


Found in deciduous bushland and dry scrub of the Dry and Moist Bereha, Kolla and Weyna Dega agroclimatic zones of Bale, Sidamo and Harerge regions, 300- 1800 m. Occasionally found in Bereha zones also. Uses Firewood, charcoal, tannin (bark).


Usually a small tree 3–10 m high, often branching from the base or from a trunk and with a flat top.

  • BARK: Rough brownblack; young branches grey-purple, sometimes hairy.
  • THORNS: Grey, straight to 9 cm. Some are paler, white and swollen, others with a narrow stalk below the swelling.
  • LEAVES: Compound, 2–8 pairs of pinnae on a short stalk, leaflets tiny.
  • FLOWERS: Cream, on spikes to 5 cm.
  • FRUIT: Pods, brown and straight, short and oblong, about 6 cm, split open to set free very small flat seeds.




  • Treatment: Soak the seeds in cold water overnight.
  • Storage: Stores well.


Coppicing, pruning.


A low altitude dryland tree