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Araucaria cunninghamii (PROSEA)

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{{DISPLAYTITLE:''Araucaria cunninghamii'' (PROSEA)}}
<big>''[[Araucaria cunninghamii]]'' Aiton ex D. Don</big>

:Protologue: Lambert, Pinus ed. 2, 3: t. 79 (1837).

== Synonyms ==

''Araucaria'' ''beccarii'' Warb. (1900).

== Vernacular names ==

*Hoop pine, colonial pine, Richmond river pine (En)
*Indonesia: alloa, ningwik, pien (Irian Jaya).

== Distribution ==

Coastal regions of New South Wales and south-eastern Queensland to Papua New Guinea and Irian Jaya. Large-scale plantations have been established in South Africa, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

== Uses ==

The timber is used for various purposes. The tree is cultivated as an ornamental. The seeds are edible.

== Observations ==

A very large, symmetrical tree up to 60(-70) m tall, bole straight, cylindrical and self-pruning up to 40 m high and up to 200 cm in diameter, leaf-bearing twigs all along the length of the branches; leaves lanceolate to triangular, curved with the pointed apices directed slightly inwards, green or glaucous, juvenile leaves acicular; pollen cones up to 8 cm long, mature seed cone terminal, 6-10 cm × 5-8 cm, with spiny, winged cone scales; seed triangular, 20-30 mm × 9-10 mm excluding the membraneous wings. Two varieties are distinguished: var. ''papuana'' Lauterb. occurring in New Guinea, var. ''cunninghamii'' in Australia. ''A. cunninghamii'' occurs most often in submontane ''Fagaceae'' forest on leached soils up to 2750(-4000) m altitude. The density of the wood is about 530 kg/m<sup>3</sup>at 12% moisture content. See also the table on wood properties.

== Selected sources ==

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