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This projet as begun a case study of Pl@ntNet.

This wiki uses a free software, Mediawiki, and is hosted on Biowikifarm, a consortium of European institutions in the field of biological sciences. This allows to share resources and computer assistance, but also to ensure long term maintenance of the websites. The use of a Creative Commons licence makes it possible for any other organisation to take over the website under the same conditions, in case of failure of one or all the institutions.

It is a collaborative project which can be used by all the groups interested in useful plants and plant uses. Its content will depend on what each group, each institution and each contributor will accept to share. The form (page or section structure, nature of resources...) will be defined and standardized as soon as they are integrated. By now, Michel Chauvet (INRA-AMAP, Montpellier) is both the permanent administrator (sysop and burocrat) and the main contributor.

If you or your institution have published in the past inventories or built databaseson useful plants, and if those data can no longer be broadly distributed, you are welcome on Pl@ntUse. The possibility to sign pages also allows to put the name or the logo of an institution, if desired. The wiki software solution offers the best possible visibility on Internet, and it is a real pity that so many past efforts remain quite forgotten on a shelf or in the deep areas of a website.

You are also invited to join us on a discussion platform about Pl@ntUse, which is accessible at : Pl@ntUse. If you wish to collaborate, go first to this page.